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Quickie Review - Tiny Troopers Joint Ops on Xbox One

Starting the week with some work but the kind of work that I love! Here's another Quickie Review!

This game instantly striked me as looking like a little fun one with the cartoony soldiers and all but it immediately shows its mobile origins. Are we in for nice surprise? Or a missed opportunity?


This is a little twin-stick shooter based on a war setting were we control on or more cartoony soldiers on a series of missions. These range from simply killing all enemies to escort stuff. While at the missions there are medals and other collectible things which can add up to our XP and money. With XP soldiers level up and money is used to, well, buy stuff like upgrades to weapons or more atributes to our soldiers. Oh yeah and "expert" operatives can be bought too. Hired I mean, because after that mission he is gone. The game plays like a twin-stick shooter where we move the soldiers with the left stick and point and shoot with the light stick. There are 2 main campaigns and a Zombie mode, all this clocking at around 60 to 70 missions total.


A very big letdown due to this being on Xbox One. At first the visuals look nice enough with everything nicely detailed and the colorful world but soon after that ithe mobile origins of the game are very noticeable to be honest. Very simple textures and simplistic animations and somewhat "empty" scenery end up dispointing because much better work could be done here. And even some tweaks here and there would make it a much more pleasing game to look at. It is definitely looking like a straight out mobile game.

Our soldiers level up but once they die it is over for them unless you use medals to revive them!

Twin-stick shooters usually have tight gameplay mechanics and it would be worrysome for this game because originaly it was designed for touch screens. The good news is that the controls were nicely converted to console and the transition from touch screen to twin-stick works surprisingly well. I have to say the game seems to have a bit of automatic aiming because sometimes it feels like it does not aim exactly where you point but maybe that's a bit of a trade off from not being made from sctratch with twin sticks in mind. It does get a bit repetitive and samey after a while but there are plenty of missions to spend some time with.

Hmm. Curiously the cut scenes between missions have voiced work which is a bit surprising, although most voice acting is somewhat hilariously bad. But most of the times it seems it is on purpose anyway. The sound effects are very weak to the point that even weapons like the machine guns don't sound like that at all. I'd say they sound like party poppers or something. But well, the game is cartoony and let be honest, it is not really aiming for realism. But the weapon sounds and even overall effects could benefit from having a little more punch to them.

Sometimes things can get a little chaotic.

Value for money

I'd say that for the price asked you do get plenty of gameplay. 2 main campaigns and a Zombie mode offer quite a few hours of play and fun and quite a lot more than some other games at this price. But, after a while and a few dozen missions it all gets a little repetitive and even in some later stages it does have some glitches that prevent us from progressing in some missions forcing us to restart that mission. Another thing, and one that would benefit greatly, is that it doesn't even have a local cooperative mode. It would be nice to be able to pick up another controller and go on missions together. After some time it is noticeable that this is an almost straight port from the mobile versions and it is best played in short bursts.


A game that promissed and it is actually quite fun but after a while it falls a little flat because of its repetitiveness, simplicity and lack of multiplayer mode (there are leaderboards in which we can compare our score though) even if there are plenty of missions to do and even an extra Zombie mode complete with leaderboards and plenty of gold farming. It does disapoint because a few extra tweaks here and there would have made it an absolutely recomended title. As is right now I would advise on playing it only in short sessions, that way it is more enjoyable, even if the price asked for it isn't that high and just about right.

Final score:

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