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Quickie Review - Kung-Fu for Kinect

Hi kids! Guess what? It's time for another Quickie Review!

And Virtual Air Guitar does it again! The (almost exclusively) Kinect developer brings us another game, this time based on a Xbox 360 original from 2011 but rebuilt from the ground up using Unity, thus making it more appropriate for this new generation. The studio keeps on injecting new life to the much undersused motion sensing camera proving that it still has potencial to bring good things. Will this one keep up the trend of actually good and fun games the studio has been delivering? Well then, let's find out!


Kung-Fu for Kinect is based on Virtual Air Guitar’s 2011 Xbox 360 game Kung-Fu High Impact. It is basically the "same" game but improved greatly thanks to new software and generation. According to the studio it was a much requested game to be available on the next generation Kinect so they went for it and did it. In the game, the player is the hero. We don't control a specific character, we control ourselves. The Kinect sensor scans our whole body and puts us "in" the game where after a photoshoot we are inserted in a comic book style cutscene before every level, and on the proper game we have to kick and punch our way through hordes of enemies wanting to destroy you. What you do in your living room in front of the TV will appear in the game so basically you will fight your way.


Without a doubt their best looking game so far, as the previous efforts were pretty even if somewhat simple. The player integration is very well done, much better than the original game I must say. The game requests certain poses for a few pics to be taken for the comic book cutscenes but then gives us freedom in the main game. The levels are varied and look visually candy, enemies not so much in terms of variety. There are even some nice light effects and on-screen prompts like the hit descriptions (just like comic books) and names of attacks and such that offer that little extra nice comic book feeling. Sometimes, though, parts of our body migh disappear if we step a little too close or far away to the view of the camera. This can be improved greatly by re-calibrating the device a little though.

Yes that is me trying to act like a powerhouse fighter!


The game gives you freedom to dispatch of the bad guys as you see fit. Oh, did I mention fit? Well, I did, and purposely because it actually will help, in a more or less accentuated way, in any person's goal to get some fitness to their body. The player can punch, kick, jump, high and low jab and even uppercut if he wants. Moving involves punching a little to the side you want to move but you can still move a bit by going a bit left or right. To jump high to get away from trouble you have to lift both arms in a semi-circular motion - the character will do a somersault. There are special moves - like Power Punch, Somersault, Ground Pound and Lightning Strike - that require specific poses, like the Lightning Strike that requires one arm up and the other horizontal (like an "L"). There is even character progression that improves several traits like strength and such that actually add up to the addictiveness of the game. Oh, and one last thing: the Kinect picks up the players movement almost instantly which is great.


Well... even if it has some nice tunes and even sound effects, let's just say this is not the most flattering aspect of the game. The voice of the main character (us) is somewhat annoying and while it does have some cheesy lines and kind of adds to that extra comic book feel it could have some better voice work. This is acompanied by any other character's voice work in the game. This could be seen as a hilarious extra to the game but it does sound a bit cringy.

The power moves are rather satisfying

Value for money

Kung-Fu for Kinect will offer you actual exercise. Will give fun and entertainment for the whole family. The story mode has 22 levels even if not too lengthy and besides that has a few replayable challenges and finishing move editor. It is cheap and is on sale right now in celebration of its launch. It does require some perseverance due to the physically demanding nature of the gameplay so a few breaks are essential to enjoy this game fully. It does have some hit detection mishaps and a few glitches here and there though. All in all my honest view is that it does offer good value for your money if you have a Kinect gathering dust on top of your TV to give it a little extra deserved life.


A game not for the couch potato. This game requires you to move your body in a free will way. You do whatever you like to dispatch of your enemies. It is fun and it provides some workout. Even if it proves to be a little demanding to the majority of people it still let's you play your way. If you want some fun incentive to start taking care of your body, if your Kinect hasn't seen you in a game in quite some time, if you don't mind fulfilling that dream of becoming a kung-fu star by punching and kicking in front of your TV (but having a huge smile in your face at the same time), then Kung-Fu for Kinect is for you. It is not withough its problems like the terrible voice-overs and not so good hit detection but other than that I have to nothing but high praise to give to Virtual Air Guitar for showing that the Kinect is still a viable reason for fun gaming and exercise besides dancing games and exercise apps. Their best game so far.

Smash time: some moves have great effects!

Final score: 8




  • Fun gameplay in which you do all the moves

  • Provides some good workout

  • Challenges, character progression and leaderboards besides main story mode

  • Excellent Kinect tracking


  • Can be very demanding physically

  • Sometimes we get poor hit detection

  • Moving the character is not perfect: punch left or righ to move.

Game details:

  • 3.32 GB

  • 6/24/2016

  • Virtual Air Guitar Company

  • Virtual Air Guitar Company

  • Action & Adventure, Family, Fighting, Sports & Recreation

Game ON!

Tags: id@xbox, kinect, kung fu kinect, virtual air guitar, xbox, xbox 360, xbox live, xbox one

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