August 1st, 2015


Quickie review: Squid Hero for Kinect

"Squid Hero saves the planet from a new ice age! Travel across the world on this cheery and colorful adventure for all ages, using the power of Kinect to smash thousands of encroaching chunks of ice." - this is what the game description says on the official website. Well, yeah if it sounds like another Kinect game... its because it truly is! But please notice the absense of the word "just" before "another Kinect game". And one of the main reasons for that it's because Squid Hero is quite fun. And isn't that what we actually seek in games? To have fun.

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Latest news and info! - August 1st - 15th


Summer in full force right now and, oh, there's that little thing happening in about 4 days. What was it actually? Haaammmm... It's f*king Gamescom and Microsoft are set to blow us away with Xbox news again!

Oh yeah... that. :)

As always, thank you all for keeping me busy with this little blog. I wished more guys would come here and discuss the amazing Xbox and gaming world with us but I guess that might be too much to ask for. I am happy with what I got so far though. So thank you, again, for the support so far. You guys are ace!

Game ON!