January 17th, 2019

xbox one, xbox

Sea of Thieves is having its file size shrink about 50 percent on Xbox One and PC

Good news everyone! The Sea of Thieves hard drive file size is about to shrink in the next update on February 6th! ANd it's not going to be just a little shave off a few MB's. On Xbox One X it's size is going to be cut to almost half the size of the present one! Here are the differences in zies after said update:

  • Xbox One: Is 35GB - shrinking to 10GB

  • Xbox One X: Is 47GB - shrinking to 25GB

  • Windows 10: Is 47GB - shrinking to 27 GB

So, as you can see, us with almost filled up HDD's are going to give them a little breathing space. Hopefully, other developers take the same path and do the same in the near future!