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Quickie Reviews - all in one place

This sticky serves for my "Quickie Reviews" to stay all in one place. ^_^

Contact for any review enquiries or if you want your game reviewed:


*A quick word to reiterate that ALL my opinions for when I review a game are my own and I review them based on several elements and for what the game offers to me in terms of entertainment. I try to be as honest as possible in my reviews even though I have been criticized for being a bit soft and generous on my final game scores when compared to other games, but the way I do them is the way I found to be the most fair for the games themselves. Without much comparison to other games. I speak about each and every game on their own turn and say what I think about them. That being said I am not afraid to give a very low score to games even if keeping things positive like tips for future games to the devs as I am also not afraid to give a high score to a game that others generally have rated much lower. I speak my own opinions about the game and not what I think others feel about them. That is the whole purpose of a game review: to express our opinion about a game and maybe help our readers decide if it's worth a buy, or not. As I will not be influenced by any compensations I might get offered to increase my final score or any penalties to my website if the score is considered negative. Thank you.*

Game ON!
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