Ricardo Silva (xboxgameon) wrote,
Ricardo Silva

Latest News and Info! - AUGUST 2017

It's a hot, hot Summer love! We are well underway deeply into the Summer and it is the time for more skin to be shown and the bikinis to hit the sand faster than you can say ice cream! Uhh... oh yeah, this is "Xbox Game ON!". Oh, hey guys! How are those amazing gaming hours going on? Oh, oh, ohhhhhh I bet many are trying to get that backlog into shape so when the big end of year games launch you can proudly show off your... hum... Right. So, in terms of games releases this month we have signs of the Summer drought starting to end soon with games like The Long Dark (getting out of Game Preview), Tacoma (Xbox and PC exlcusive), Ark: Survival Evolved (out of Game Preview), Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, Agents of Mayhem, Sonic Mania, The Escapists 2, F1 2017, Killing Floor 2, Madden NFL 18, Hello Neighbor (exclusive), Observer, Race Arcade, Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition, Life is Strange: Before the Storm and more!

Whoa... that is actually a very good and varied list of games! What happened to the "it's Summer, there are no game launches" thing? Anyway, grab those shorts, that towel and some sunscreen and... of course that controller! Happy deep Summer days guys!

(In the meantime, uh, here's some Dead or Alive characters enjoying their own Summer):

Game ON!

Tags: #windows10, #xbox, #xbox360, #xboxone, #xboxonex

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