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Quickie review: Squid Hero for Kinect

"Squid Hero saves the planet from a new ice age! Travel across the world on this cheery and colorful adventure for all ages, using the power of Kinect to smash thousands of encroaching chunks of ice." - this is what the game description says on the official website. Well, yeah if it sounds like another Kinect game... its because it truly is! But please notice the absense of the word "just" before "another Kinect game". And one of the main reasons for that it's because Squid Hero is quite fun. And isn't that what we actually seek in games? To have fun.


In case the introduction hasn't already given you all the clues it's a Kinect-only game. Usually when people think of Kinect games the main genres that come to mind are workout and dance games. But from time to time we get these little gems that unfortunatelly can be easily skipped by many players. And I'm here to take my part in trying to convince at least a few to let go of their Xbox controllers and their Call of Dutys and Halos and to stand up and have a little fun waving your arms like crazy in front of the TV. The game is brought by Virtual Air Guitar Company, the same guys that made Boom Ball for Kinect (Xbox One) and Kung-Fu High Impact (Xbox 360) so they know their stuff around camera and motion games.

In the game you control a happy-faced squid, more specifically two of his tentacles, to grab and throw ice blocks against anything that may stand in your way but also using them to save little animals from certain doom and defeat giant mechanical robot... humm, animals. Right...


As with most Kinect-focused games, Squid Hero is on the simple side graphically althoug it compensates with pleasant colorful vibes. Let's be fair, there have been some Kinect games out there looking a bit better than this one but it does keep the "not graphically demanding" mantra. There are about 5 different areas to travel starting on sunny beaches going through New York sewers and snow filled artic areas so there is a bit of variety in there.

One of the first challenges: destroy a wrecked ship!


Controlling our jetpack wearing friendly squid is quite easy leaning our body left or right to move him sideways and using both hands to move his tentacles to grab ice rocks but also giving a boost in the movement speed. This helps mostly in going upwards or downwards. The character response is tight and accurate definitely leaving those first Xbox 360 Kinect games that had some lag input in the past. Things do sometimes get pretty hectic with fast turbo sections testing our phisical reflexes and such but it's fun all the way.


Chirpy, happy tunes stay with us all the time but sadly our squid is a silent one most of the time. A bit of a let down because he loses a bit of personality being that way. I feel this is a bit of a missed opportunity to establish a new somewhat firm and charming character in the gaming world. This lack of charisma hurts the game a little in my honest opinion.

2 player co-op but also cometitive fun is where the game shines most.

Value for money

Being an ID@Xbox game and only Kinect I feel the game price is about right. It can be finished in a few hours - with a few breaks in between - but besides the single player mode you do get a nice replay value with the 2 player cooperative mode which makes it double the fun. The game isn't very complicated to get through. This was made with kids in mind, especially as there is the option to skip an area it if proves too hard after 3 tries. After finishing the game there is not much to get back to but as with every game like this it is quite fun to get back for a few rounds from time to time.


Squid Hero for Kinect is just a simple albeit fun way to get up and stretch those arms and fight for the bigger score against another person in co-op mode. Its pretty responsive controls are a plus although you could need a little bit of more living room space than most Kinect games especially on the turbo sections that require side to side quick movement. As with Virtual Air Guitar's games (and Kinect games in general) the mais focus here is fun and the price asked is just about right for a good alternative time out from the usual "hardcore" games.

Boss fights are not overly complicated

Final Score: 7,5

Game ON!
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