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Quickie Review - Marooners by @maroonersgame

LOL, this is fun! Aaaand it's gone! Nope, It's back!

Well hello there. Here we are again with yet another lovely Quickie. This time I bring you something a little different. A game of a genre (sadly) not very frequent on the Xbox One. The game brings us the joys of simple, quick, party mini-games all mixed together and it is finally coming out on the Xbox One after being on PC for quite some time now. So how does the game fare? Well, it is kind of what expected but maybe it needed just a little bit more. Find out why just below!



Marooners is basically a party game for multiplayers on which, through a series of several different mini-games, up to six contestants try and best their adversaries by overcoming many obstacles, like avoiding falling off ledges or being crished by rocks, and picking up treasure to, in the end, try and be the one with the most treasure and crowed the champion. Then do it all over again! It's the usual crazy multiplayer-centered mini-game fun one expects, but does it have lasting flavour?


Most of the mini-games are played very simply by using the Left Stick to move your character, X to attack and A to jump. Sometimes we get powerups that can be used also, like coin magnets or punching gloves. There is a nice variety of said games, though. While in one you could be battling oout on top of a seemingly dismantling iceberg, the next minute players can be running away from giant boulders. Other mini-games include running on top of falling flowers or getting points for holding a cup that is about to explode. When a winner is determined on almost every mini-game, a huge pot of treasure is presented (worth 25 coins) but not always can be picked up. The host can opt even for a mixed type of game where suddenly, at any time, the mini-game simply changes without even being finished. In the end, the winner is the one that collected the most treasure during the 5 or 6 random nimi-game onslaught.

The running away from boulders is one of the most fun

Visuals and Sound

Well, honestly it is what one should expect. A super-colorful island, crazy characters like pirates, little girls, deep sea divers, voodoo witch and others are included in the character cast. Effects are rather simple, there are not many to be honest: the usual flames, volcano, icy, green and ancient monument locations you've come to expect on a "party game island". The game has a nice, catchy soundtrack that goes well with the rest also.

Value for money

One can really do much worse with the money asked for buying this game. There's quite a few mini-games and 3 or 4 different ways to play it: solo or with other people, local or online, which is very nice. So, basically its a perfect game to fire up when you have a group of friends from time to time. And there's a few easy achievements going for it also. I honestly would expect a bit more depth from it because after a while it loses a bit of gas if you play it for too long.

You have to always watch out not only for hazzards, but also adversaries!

Fun Factor

The main reason we buy a "party game" is to have fun, right? Luckily, this one has enough of that. The usual mini-game gameplay can even be given a nice little twist on which you can be going back and forth between those. I actually prefer to play them in the random order but actually from start to end. The sudden mix of games is not for my taste. It is possible to play alone but you can only have so much fun that way. It is infinitely better to play against other people, or even better: with friends. Replacing the AI with real people changes things so much that you never want to play it alone again. It does have a fast-burning factor, which means that playing it for much longer than, say, 1 hour, the novelty wears off quite quickly as even with some unlockable characters and about 60 different weapons due to the simplicity of everything. Some mini-games are even played a bit to similarly to other. So, a game only recommended for quick fixes and some laughs, not long sessions.


Marooners is quite fun. At least while played at short bursts. The different characters and weapons only bring cosmetic differences and not anything else, sadly, so there's not much incentive in unlocking all of them unless you are an achievement purist. Some mini-games are quite fun, especially being played against other people. Many would think it is enough to satisfy their "party game" needs, the more purists will simpy find it a bit limited and simple compared to more deep and diverse games of the genre. I just wish we had more "goal purposes" instead of just seeing who got more treasure in the end, that way there are a few ways we can simply cheat and win almost every time, when playing against the A.I. It is not an expensive game, to be honest, but as it is presented I'd recommend getting it for random quick bashes from time to time, with friends, when you have a party (or online) for some nice laughs. just don't forget the old "party game" maximum: friendships are bound to be broken!

Final Score - 7

Game Trailer


  • Can be played with up to 5 more people

  • The feeling of uncertainty and randomness on each game

  • Fun for quick games, especially with friends

  • Has online mode so you can play with people from everywhere.


  • Not very deep and somewhat limited - some mini-games even only last about 10 seconds

  • After a while the novelty wears off kind of quickly

  • Plenty of unlockable characters and weapons but without diversification

  • Lack of content is disappointing.

Game ON!

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