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Quickie Review - Boom Ball 3 for Kinect

Wave those arms baby! Oops, sorry!

And here we are my friends. This is a much procastrinated review that, again, I would like to present my appologies to Virtual Air Guitar, the game developers, for this delay. This was not a title I started playing for a bit longer, only a few days ago I began going on it for real so I could write this today. And why have I let this one slip through for so long? Life's intricacies, I am afraid, but nevertheless here it finally is: another glorious Quickie Review for your reading - and game buying decision - pleasure! So let's get on with it. It's been way too long. Virtual Air Guitar still believes in the Kinect and so do I. It can be still a nicely used peripheral to have some fun. Welcome to:



Boom Ball 3 for Kinect is the third of a series of games created mainly for the use of the Xbox One's controversial sensor camera, the Kinect. This is a simple game, with a simple purpose which is to destroy every block on the screen with the use of balls that are hit using paddles. These paddles are controlled using your arms. So it is very much like the classic Breakout but in 3D and using huge balls and yourself as the "block" to send ricochet them back and try and destroy every block (or cube) inside a virtual and invisible square shaped room. Do this for 50 nicely colored levels and you complete the game. Pretty much what the first two games did, to be honest. But is this a bad thing? No, it is pretty fun in fact.


The game is played on a first person perspective on which the player(s) control two virtual paddles with both hands. These paddles are used to hit balls in the direction of moving or stationary blocks present on each level. Each level has time limits for obtaining bronze, silver or gold medals, each awarding one, two or three stars respectively. You have to play in turbo mode to get 3 stars though. These stars are them used to open up more levels so, in a way, you can actually play at times higher levels so you are not limited to having to play them following their specific positions. Nearing the end of each "bunch of cubes" phase, the last cubes become explosive just to make it a little easier to get them all. Controls are very responsive which only a few glitches here and there happening if you move way too fast or out of the Kinect's sight.

2 players = more fun!

Visuals and Sound

It is the best looking Boom Ball of the three. And only naturally, to be honest. It is bursting with colors and nice cutesy cubes together shaping various animals and other things. There are also night and day levels and different times of the year like wintery or more Summer ones. Music keeps up with the cheerful nature of the game, even if at times it can get just a tad annoying. Sound effects are the usual stuff, like cubes being destroyed, paddles hitting balls and these then then bouncing around... and such.

Value for money

The expression "worth every penny" could fit very nicely here. I mean, It's not a "triple A" game, I know. It will not win any awards or even create a miracle of a Kinect comeback to life. It won't. But it is a simple, honest and fun game for a nice 30 minute bash every now and then that can be played with another person besides you. If you have a Kinect and want to inject some life into it and make it feel worthy still then this is without a doubt a must buy.

You can put anything you want on the paddles. Even your face.

Fun Factor

The game is pretty much pick and play. The difference here is that you pick yourself up and play. And it is quite fun and enjoyable, especially if you have an arm-waving partner to help out. Just make sure you have some space for the two players as some hits may happen if both are too close, especially playing on the turbo mode with the balls traveling at insane speeds. Quite a few laughs are guaranteed and, hey, as always there's some light workout to be taken from there!


Boom Ball 3 for Kinect maintains the same simple yet very fun quality of its previous games and adds a few more nice novelties like padle customisation - you can even put your face on them! To be honest, when you finish the game there's not much else to it other than try and get more stars on previous levels you haven't quite made the best score. But when you're having this much fun, especially with another person flailing your arms around in your living room, who cares? As I've said before: if you have a Kinect still wanting some attention then you can do no wrong and support Virtual Air Guitar for their bold persistence with yet another Kinect-only, albeit good, game.

Yes those are cube-formed cutesy sheep. And you get to destroy them!

Final Score - 7.5

Game Trailer


  • Plain, simple, fun!

  • Plenty of levels to try and beat your score

  • Customisation options lets you put your face in the game

  • Gets challenging later on, but not too overwhelming. Nice to have difficulty settings.


  • If you don't have the Kinect you cannot play this game

  • When the action gets hectic sometimes your paddles can fail to keep up

  • Not much to look up to in terms of longevity

Game ON!

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