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Quickie Review - Raging Justice

Wait... what? Yes!!! There's my name in a videogame!

Well hello, lovelies, how are things going? Here we are at one of those times again with a quick, simples and informative - and totally awesome - Quickie Review! The small team of developers, MakinGames, have been hammering away at this project for some years now and - after a few missed punches here and there - finally it seems the day of launch with the help of renown developers and distributors: Team17. The game is an ode to a severely forgotten genre these days, the side-scrolling beat'em up. Those with more than 2 decades (at least) of age will surelly remember that arcade machines and home consoles in the 90's era especially were abundant with these kinds of games. Some of the most iconic include Final Fight, Double Dragon, Cadilacs and Dinosaurs, Captain Comando, various Ninja Turtles games and one of the very best: the Streets of Rage series on the SEGA systems. So, the main question is: does this game do the genre "justice"? Or will players be left "raging" because of a failed try? Well, look no more than below for your final answer!



Raging Justice is a pure classic style of beat'em up on which you move your character about on a level, usually heading to the right side, and use every possible means to beat the crap out of baddies. It tells the story of a city drowned in crime and corruption so the only solution is to send you as the character, to prowl the thug infested streets and cleanse them by punching, kicking and tractor-ing your way ("what???" - you ask - I'll explain a little later) to uphold justice once and for all. And in fine genre honoring fashion you will do it either alone or with a friend against an insormountable number of enemies thrown at you along with every side-scrolling beat'em up cliché and nod you can think of. Let's go to the next stage? Ermmm.. paragraph? GO! GO! GO! - sorry, got a little too carried away for a moment.


You should, by now, have a pretty good idea how the game is played but I am here anyway to break it to you. You move your character in a 2D scenario while thugs and criminals and thrown at you left and right. You go through several streets and other places on the criminal infested city by beating the crap out of them or taking a more gentle and "Mr goody two shoes" way by simply busting them (arresting them while they are knocked out) and getting a "good cop" message on-screen besides a health bonus. You can also use several items that may happen to be littered about, or dropped by an enemy, like baseball bats, hammers knifes and such to dispose of the criminals that stand in your way. In terms of moves, I found the characters to be a bit lacking. I was expecting a few more moves, to be honest, but I guess the devs purposedly wanted to keep it more simple, instead of dozens of moves you had to constantly to back to the menus to learn. I have to mention that the hit detection needed a little more smoothing out as you don't quite get the oomph of hiting enemies as you should. It kind of feels a little loose.

The game is filled with little easter eggs like this. Makin is the dev's surname

Visuals and Sound

The game looks very nice, kind of like an upgraded version ofany of the earlier classic games I mentioned before. There are lots of nods to those games also, which is a treat for older gamers. Character models are designed nicely and besides the usual "same enemy, different color", we get a nice amount of variety in enemy characters also. Things looks crips and fluid, even if a little stiff when we punch and kick away, and that, I think, contributes to the slightly off hit detection, which is a shame. Backgrounds and scenarios range from the somewhat simple to quite beautiful and stages are very varied also. Soundwise the game sounds really good with all the punches and kicks flying around and the music, although not as epic as, let's say Streets of Rage, has its own nice relaxed beat that punches up whenever a new boss or specific event is nearing.

Value for money

Hey man. If you can't find enjoyment on this game, especially at this price then you need to wake up. There is one thing that would add tremendous amount of value, but about that in a second. You get a, not very long, challenging game which can be played with another person cooperatively, various stage specific challenges to try and rack up the final scores so you can compete with other people on the leaderboards, 50 achievements to unlock and even a brawl mode with waves of enemies thrown at you. The thing is, where is my damn online coop mode? Awww man! I wanted to play this with my Xbox Live buds so much that it is almost criminal the absense of any online cooperative play. Maybe in some future update? Wink, wink! Even though, what it offers just about makes up for the low price for a buy, so go get it!

Explosive action!

Fun Factor

The game is pretty straightforward. Just brawl your way through enemies until you stop the crimewave affecting your city. There isn't much room here for much of a story or character development and such. You select one of three offered characters and just start playing. Much like the good old golden days of arcade machines and 16-bit consoles. I'd strongly advise playing it with a coop partner otherwise you will have a kind of a rough time dealing with the onslaught of criminals you have to face though. Things get pretty challenging, especially on end-level bosses. Brainless fun is where it's at. Perfect game for a quick, good times, bash.


Raging Justice will not earn any awards for excellence nor innovation. Instead it simply seems to be a labor of love for a genre that has been dormant for too long and does a nice job in doing it. The love for the project is clearly show from this 2-people developer and I have to praise the couple for sticking with it and congratulate them also for seeing their work finally launch to the public. The price asked for a buy is just about perfect and it would be spot on if a online cooperative mode was included. Simple, plain, walk around and beat up criminals. No questions asked, just fun. Sometimes we just need a bit of fun like this. Here's hoping for an even more polished sequel, or a nice "online update" in the near future. It still needed a bit of smoothing some of the roughness and stiffness (and probably one or two more modes) but the fun is where its at with this game. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to improve my scores on certain stages. Or just have some fun beating the crap out of thugs!

Annoying motorbikes passing by. Classic beat'em up feature.

Final Score - 8

Game Trailer


  • Mindless, good, cooperative bone-breaking fun

  • Good and crisp visuals

  • Nice challenges on every stage to rack up scores against others

  • My name is in the game!


  • Character moves seem a little stiff

  • No online modes! Aw, come on!

  • Game's a little short, even if quite challenging.

Game ON!

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