Ricardo Silva (xboxgameon) wrote,
Ricardo Silva

Xbox One launch date announced for the interesting STAY game from Appnormals

Duo of game devs studio, Appnormals and publisher PQube Games have revealed today the Xbox One launch date for STAY, and interesting "save someone that was abducted" game that will have you on the edge.

"Quinn is abducted and kidnapped, on the other end of a computer you are his only contact and you alone are the key to both Quinn’s escape and sanity…"

STAY, the highly anticipated atmospheric adventure game featuring pixel-style graphics and a gripping thriller-like story is releasing today on PC on Steam, Humble Bundle, Green Man Gaming and many more online stores for the price of €11.99/$11.99. Immerse yourself in the STAY experience even more, as not only will the game be available on Steam, but the outstanding soundtrack composed by Kai Engel that accompanies your journey through STAY’s gripping story will also be available for purchase on Steam today both individually for €5.69/$6.99 or as part of a bundle, saving yourself a further 10%! The title and soundtrack will feature a 20% worldwide launch discount on Steam from the 16th May until the 23rd of May.

STAY launches on Xbox One on May 30th.

Game ON!

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