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Quickie Review - Super Volley Blast

*Cue Titanic theme song*:

"It's been 84 years..."

Huh..? What? Oh, hello! Sleeping! I know nothing of that sorcery! Of course I was not sleeping! How dare you? It's been long hasn't it? Actually 2 months, to be more precise, since my last Quickie so I will accept your wrath with humbleness. Nonetheless, here we are again with a freshly baked, out of the hoven Quickie Review full of goodness and sprinkles on top! This time I bring you a deceiving game. Deceivig because of the first impressions it might cause you. Developers Unfinished Pixel where kind enough to trust my honest opinion and gave me a shot at trying tohe game so I can inform the world about the whistles and wonders of the game that is called:


Super Volley Blast is a game on wich you play the (more or less) popular sport on a two vs two variation. The sport consists in your team using their hands to - in three touches or less - keep the ball airwards not letting it touch your side of the court and sending it to the opponent tem's court trying to score by hitting their floor with said ball. The game does not have much of a story but it does have - among others - a "story mode" on which you take your team to try and become champions of the world. On the way you meet normal and... not so normal adversaries that try and stop you from achieving your dream. The game starts off with simple 1 set games but later on you have to win more than one set to defeat more challenging teams. Most teams you face feature shots at pop-culture and other known real life celebrities which is a nice touch. Ultimately you do feel a bit disappointed because of the play style only slightly become harder and not include things like "special moves" based on said characters.


The game is played sideways which includes a full view of the court with the net separating both teams. As I said before, you have to send the ball to the opponents' court trying to score if the ball hits the floor or if the team violates the "3 touch rule". The game is always played on a 2 vs 2 mode and can be played solo, cooperatively or competitively. The game mechanics are really simple and easy to get into. Move your character about using the Left Stick, hit the ball in different ways using the ABXY buttons be it to receive the ball, pas it to your teammate or send it to the other team's side. There is a nifty little trick which is that when you do send it to the opposin court you aim to where you want the ball to go with the Right Stick, meaning if you press "right" the ball is sent to the far back, if you press nothing it will go to the middle or if you press upwards-left it will go to that portion of the court and so on, and this is the key to try and get those points. The game is decidedly very simple to play but it does it very smoothly and everything feels just righ when you hit the ball, it definately has a nice "oomph" feeling that makes playing the game nicely addictive. So yes, they nailed the simplicity and fun in the gameplay and that's what makes it maybe the best feature of the game.

This is just about the only "special move" in the game

Visuals and Sound

The game could honestly get a bit more brushing up in the visuals department. I have seen mobile games with much better looks, to be honest. The fact that the game jokes about its own visuals though, is hilarious and surfaces the honesty brought by the developers. The game is not here to win any awards in the visual department. It's bright and colorful but also extremely simple and clean at the same time, featuring some weird looking characters but also a few nice courts based in real-life places or countries around the world. It randomly talks about 4K resolution and it made me chuckle. Bonus points for the character editor which, albeit simple, let's us come up with some cool versions of ourselves, or just about anyone! Soundwise... (sigh), listen, you get the crowd sounds cheering, the ball hitting and some cheery music. Nothing ground breaking but it does its job.

Value for money

It has several modes. You can play solo, versus and coop. You can edit and create characters. And you play as you wish on a honestly fun game that can last you a few hours... or just one quick round before your online friends arrive for the usual Call of Duty, Forza or FIFA. I feel the price is nigh on perfectly reasonable so let's give the devs some incentive to next time give us an even more comple and fun game.

Yeah there are some nods to... "known characters" out there

Fun Factor

Well then, yes, this is another one of those games that are more fun being played with friends. Especially if you happen to have 3 of then stopping by your house. The game is pure, simple fun. Nothing more to it. If I wish it had online modes? Heck, I'd love to and it's a damn shame it doesn't because I'd love to challenge my friends through Xbox Live. A damn shame indeed. But it doesn't stop the game from still being fun on its own and even when played alone. I found myself sometimes playing some matches in story mode and my kids simply watching and laughing whenever I missed a shot or when a nice streak occured. Worthy a mention is also the challenges on which we have to play under certain specific conditions like "2 touch only" or chickens instead of balls!


Super Volley Blast isn't here to raise the bar in any videogame category. What it does, is simply be a cool, simple aracdey Volleyball game with tight and smooth controls delivered at a reasonable price, that can make you either have a go or play a few hours. It's a pick up and go game. And while I hate the fact that I can't play against my Xbox Live friends, I still feel the game offers enough to warrant a decent final score. A decent arcadey VolleyBall game that doesn't take itself too seriously. Worth a try.

Final Score 7

Game Trailer


  • Gameplay is simple, feels great and is addictive

  • You can create and edit your characters

  • A few modes included, besides the main story mode

  • Tremendous fun with friends locally.


  • No online play

  • Could benefit with a few more extras, feels a bit unfinished (no pun intended devs!)

  • Visuals could have been worked a little bit more

  • Good only for a few short sessions, not much longer than 1 hour or so.

The game is already available since October 31st - get it here!

Game ON!

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