Ricardo Silva (xboxgameon) wrote,
Ricardo Silva

The "We were here" series from Total Mayhem Games is coming to Xbox One!

We Were Here and We Were Here Too, the first two games in our two player cooperative first person puzzle series, are soon coming to Xbox One!

Both games put players in the snowshoes of Antarctic explorers, forced inside a sinister ancient castle by a snowstorm. Once inside, they lose each other in the dusty halls and end up in totally different areas, alone. With only walkie-talkies to communicate, they must explore, solve puzzles, and perhaps escape...

You and your coop partner are Antarctic explorers who find themselves trapped in a  mysterious castle, split up with only walkie - talkies and your wits. Ca refully observe your new prison and  communicate clearly to figure out how to escape. Project Lead Lucia de Visser says:  “The team at Total Mayhem Games have always been Xbox fans, so  bringing our  We Were Here games to Xbox One has been a longtime dream of ours. We can’t wait to see  how a whole new audience react to the puzzles and mysteries of Castle Rock!"

Watch the Xbox One announcement trailer:

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